Most developers are morons, pt 2

In my last post on this topic, I discussed zombie developers, i.e. lower tier developers who enter the industry from a non-tech background usually through a bootcamp or get hired at a small (and usually desperate) company after doing a few github projects.

In this post I'll be talking about the middle 67% of developers. The average joes. The ones who know enough software to build apps, maybe even publish it and sometimes (not always) actually get users using their products, even for a brief moment of time.

For these people, software is genuinely interesting to them, but they don't really put in enough effort to get good at it. They don't put in enough late nights. They don't cancel enough leisure or social events. For most, they're only good enough to not get fired (job security) and that's as far as they want to take their careers.

And I suppose there's nothing wrong with that. Most people don't have a yearning to go above and beyond, so I'd expect most developers to follow this pattern as well.

So to you, I say thank you. Thank you for doing all the boring menial work no one cares to do. You might even get a pat on the back if you put in the extra effort.

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    We yield! We yield! You're the messiah we have been waiting for! Teach us your ways, oh shining, merciful, dev rockstar!
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    Im not sure why the two comments above are so sarcastic. There's plenty of programmers like that, and It's fine.

    Hell, some of them used to have the drive but got beaten across the head with dumb management and painful experiences and after a while you start to understand that your job isn't *that* important... So you just do the bare minimum there. But I also know a few that kept their motivation in side projects. They just don't put in the work *at* work :)
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    @theabbie People, here, have been saying that to you for a while. Lead by example, my man.
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    I suppose you put yourself in the top bracket?
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    @Cyanide I invite you to read their other rants, they have rights to their opinion, but, they shit with their words.
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    @theabbie I have read them. And I don’t agree with any of them. The interesting part is that you were the first person interact with the OP. You welcomed him/her and now want him/her to shut up. How the turntables! OP fucked his/her first impression.
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    @Cyanide Yeah, they are a shitty person, I welcomed them like I welcome all green dots.
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    Huge violation of privacy if you did not obtain the permission of the person (implicitly or explicitly) in the image before using it. Did you ?
    Unless that is you in which case you can do whatever the fuck you want.
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    You're not better for sacrifying your personal life for your job...
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    Do you spend any time actually coding or do you just talk about how much better at it you are than, apparently, anyone else is? Link your github, let's see what makes you so gifted. Please. Thank you.
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    Is your nickname refering to the band?
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    You seem to follow the bullshit belief of "top player", " real tech people".

    The structure has way more important than what you think.

    Also, the worst people in the industry are those who have enough knowledge to be "credible" and go up the ranks while being fucking useless/toxic/trash.
    And most of them have a master's degree (bought by daddy/mommy).

    The industry also breaks a lot of people.

    Finally, of course, you have to do the extra work. You can't have a career (whatever the career) while partying every afternoon/night. But if you have to work every night/weekend... You are doing it bad/stupidly... Start being smart!
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    @theabbie such hostility 👀
    I had to Go Find that comment, it's been censored.
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    This is a poor try at being funny. Instead this seems super judgmental. You dont know nothing about those „average joes“. Maybe their personal life doesnt allow them to sacrifice themselves for work, or they have skills in domains you cant imagine, maybe some dont match your IQ and have natuarally a harder time.
    Either way going through life with this attitude will not only get average joes to dislike you.
    Maybe I dont get the joke, but at least I tried really hard.
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    @theabbie well it’s good you’re smack talking trolls who ask “plz help what is bettr for game programs c+ or jqueryscrip” “plz give me ++ I want to buy rubber duki” including this troll who’s rant is just venomous verbal dhiarrhea against devs who really aren’t doing anything wrong
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    It’s like how left wingers divide society into the magical society of top 1% who are secretly vampires and control the other 99%.

    The top percent of software devs is not a hard list. Over the course of your career you’ll move in and out of the top percent. Some of your jobs will let you really shine and build good software, while in some jobs you’ll sit around doing menial nonsense for a few months.
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    True winners in life are those who pass out and die at 50 of a heart attack bc they devoted their lives to the code
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    Sorry you’ve spent your career in companies that mostly employ such crappy devs. Hope you find something better soon.
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    @-red It’s probably just a stock image off google. That’s a Nokia phone from the early 2000’s.
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    I lost 7 years of my life working day and night, to get my diploma and for a startup I believed in.

    And yes, today's I don't do so much late night coding. Why? Because we deserve a life, we are not computer, we are humans being that deserve to be happy.
    Judging other tech on how many night they stay up is stupid, some people are gifted, they won't need to stay up at night but will produce better code than anyone else.

    Stop judging other dev. Be happy that they are happy :)
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