I am a backend engineer and I hate working on front end.
Frontend guys say the same about backend.
Which planet did the fullstackers come from? Superior genetics, it must be.

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    Interest on general technology. Im a fullstack and i live both with a little of devops and networking
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    Maybe fullstackers hate both
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    Top 3 reasons for doing more than you should (hate the term fullstack it's shit)

    Let me shit some more work on your table.

    - You didn't have a choice

    How does this work?

    - Curiosity

    If this takes any longer, I'll turn to dust...

    - Being annoyed of the incompetence of others
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    @IntrusionCM 3... oh so much 3.

    Fullstack isn't a choice, it's being impatient waiting on others to do even the simplest of things and still getting it wrong, why wait for someone to do what you can do yourself in half the time and exactly how you want it done🀷‍♂️
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    @synemeup My man spitting truth!
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    I do frontend professionally, but I adore backend, too.
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    Some people "just write code" when and where its needed.
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    For some of us, the habit of working on everything as a 1-man team or with people not capable of filling in the gaps.
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    "Fullstack" is a myth. Jack of all trades, master of nothing. No offense, but this is my experience with the so-called "Fullstack Engineers".
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    I'm full stack on paper
    I can handle everything expect frontend πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    @CuberDude that's the best job description πŸ˜… I'm borrowing this joke to the office.
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    We are humans just like you

    We do normal human things like breath and fart.

    there is no need to be alerted. we are all human.

    The fact that some systems are designed from scratch by us with 0 human oversight is just a myth.

    Be human ! Drink beer
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    @amatyas Being able to do project from idea to production yourself has crazy benefit. When you do different stuff for long enough you will get profitient with them. More you know the better.

    It is rather stupid to say I don't do something because it has different description.
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    @amatyas Sounds like you've not met more than a handful of devs/engs.
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