Building a business can hamper one's development urges!

I have been building stuff since 2008. Took my first job in 2012, won a hackathon at Yahoo right after that. Got an amazing team to work with! Our team converted the hacked product into a proper product using Django and AngularJS. Those were the fun days. At that time AngularJS had just come out and I was under the dilemma to use Angular, Ember or backbone. But with all this came the responsibility to build a business out of our product. It didn't happen eventually though.

So I moved on to cure my entrepreneural itch and went on to start up an e-commerce startup along with my day job. It started getting good traction and I finally left my day job to focus completely on it. It's a sticker marketplace and I had to focus a lot on the actual physical product, improve the quality, tackle business development and stuff etc. In all this, my habit of creating stuff with code kind of got the back seat. Everyday, I see such exciting technologies come up and I want to try them out. I have been itching to create a native app using react native. Try to build a skill for Amazon Alexa.

On one side I am happy that I have been able to build a brand and become the largest sticker marketplace in India providing super awesome reusable stickers, but on the other hand, managing the business on a daily basis is killing the developer in me :(

Does anyone else building a business which involves a physical product also face a similar problem? I think I should just take up weekend hackathon type problems and try to solve them using the technologies I want to learn. Example, I have been meaning to build an app for our company. I think I will start with that!

I have been following devRant for quite sometime now and it has been awesome. Finally, signed up and ranted today! 😊😊

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    @Kattoor yup. We need to make a mobile app for it. So will be taking up react native this week. So excited and feels so good to rant here.
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    I just realised that the rant crossed 20 +1s, I am eligible for free stickers and I run a sticker startup. The complete irony in all this 🙈
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    Congratulations for being successful in starting up your own company and actually coming up first on Google! I'm planning to attempt a start-up too one day, but all the required regulations and such kind of put me off
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    Hey @Kattoor , thank you so much. Oh, don't worry about regulations yet. Just find a real world problem and a solution to it. Once it gets traction, you can figure out the regulations and stuff. It's a good problem to have when you actually are at that stage :)
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