Intel is dying right now tbh. I hope the can get back on their feet but as of right now, chaos. They have had multiple ceo changes within 1 year and their current is a horrible leader. They have been really wasteful with their money (like buying McAfee...) And the inly reason they are leading in the CPU market, Tick Tock, is failing. It used to be Process - Architecture. Now intel has announced they are not changing the process for 8th gen, currently it's Process - Architecture - Optimize - Optimize - Optimize. Which is not good. It has been leaked that Intel is currently just hoping for AMD Ryzen to fail, let's face it, Ryzen seems really promising and might be the comeback AMD needs.

TLDR; Intel is a one trick pony and their one trick is failing. They have been really wasteful with their money and their current hope is that Ryzen fails.

I have an Intel CPU in my system and i find them to be better than AMD, but the tables might turn.

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    @supermudkip Agreed. Have you seen the recent ryzen leaks. It looks like theese are gonna be a new golden era for amd
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    I've used AMD chips in home builds since my AMD K6-II 350MHz all those years ago.

    I haven't been able to get them in workstations at work because they don't compare to i7's/xeons

    Hopefully the new stuff will swing that for me
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    Well Intel and AMD both have their strengths and weaknesses; that's why I have an Intel i7 CPU and AMD Radeon Graphics Card
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    @calmyourtities (great username btw) and what I'm saying is that i think amd is going to start smashing intel big time.
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    @Dacexi do you think Intel should get their processor in a phone? Would that help?
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    @Dacexi cause now we are seeing panic over at intel and amd has ryzen, which looks to be very promising. Intel knows that and they are basically shitting their pants right now.
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    @calmyourtities I don't think so. They would have to go arm since Android runs on it :/
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