Anyone watched videos of leaked version of Windows 11 !? What do you think !? I liked the fact that they didnt do a massive UI do over.. Also concerned that nothing is going to change about the problems that plague windows.

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    Didn't they say 10 will be last version?
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    It looks and feels like they went back to the vista days of trying to be macOS before fucking everything you with W8

    That start menu / dock is going to piss me off being centred. I've had 25 years of being institutionalised to know the start menu is on the left 😂
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    @C0D4 Apparently there is an option to keep it in the left if we want to.
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    @WildOrangutan I also thought so. But after the cancellation of Windows 10X they probably thought lets relabel this as windows 11 instead.
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    @C0D4 I hate these UI changes for nothing just to have any change in order to simulate progress.
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    An other version i will need to crack Xd
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    This exactly...

    Microsoft once again being shortsighted is nothing new... Can't wait for W10 to lose support again so I will have to forcibly move to a new system and reinstall all my crap because drivers will slowly start blacklisting W10 as unsupported despite being perfectly functional (just like what happened with W7)

    Don't trust a word microsoft says... they will always go back on it and stab you in the back eventually
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    @WildOrangutan they did

    And as a windows user I can't stop lauging. Hope shit is free, i'm not paying for a new licence
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    @C0D4 that screenshot offends me already.

    I feel like I won't like that windows (And I'm part of people who loed windows 8, only beceause it was working exactlly as I work : everything full screen and fast alt tabs).
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