I don't really like WhatsApp, but I am forced to use it to keep in touch with some friends that don't use messengers like Signal or Telegram.
Today, I see this. What the hell is this crap? Snapchat 2.0? Whatssnap? Who thought this would be a good idea?
Fuck WhatsApp (and Facebook).

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    As you can read it is because of privacy reasons. It's like their "encryption". It's a big bad joke.

    Don't let them force you to use something you don't feel comfortable with!!
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    The problem is people don't care, not one bit.
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    Facebook is cloning Snapchat in all of their apps.
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    Those stupid motherfuckers...
    Now it isn't possible any more to make status without photo or video???
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    i use Telegram, i think .. no i'm sure it's way better than fb messenger and whatsapp, it has really cool feautures its one year ahead at least
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    @Jop- Really? I've been using Telegram for a while and haven't noticed...
    Anyways, I like Telegram quite a lot (stickers and bots are pretty cool) but most people prefer WhatsApp or Signal...
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    I have the exact same opinion about WhatsApp and Facebook.
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    Instagram copied Snapchat first, and then everyone else sorta followed suit. I'm pretty sure there used to be a dedicated Snapchat copycat app that was made by Facebook (called swing or zing or something). Guess doing it to messenger just wasn't enough!
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    Found it funny that Evan Spiegel (founder of Snapchat) turned down a $2B cash deal from Facebook like a year after it was founded so of course Facebook decided that if they couldn't buy Snapchat they'd just clone the shit out of it
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    @Vake93 I... don't know about you, but almost everyone I know from university right now (mostly informatics students) uses at least one of those "never heard of" messengers. And just because WhatsApp is widely used, it doesn't mean that it's good.
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    It's silly but at least it's end-to-end instead of being stored in some unknown Russian server somewhere.
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