German bureaucracy, German tax offices, German pension insurance: of course we should feel very lucky and grateful for those institutions but currently, all they do is keep frustrating me with their kafkaesque bureaucracy. Don't they have anything more useful and productive to do than bother me with their bean counting?!

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    We should not feel lucky for our tax offices

    Fuck the tax system, it is so overly complex that an entire bachelor's degree was made around it
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    Yes, we have tax offices (plural) and district courts (plural) so one official institution can refrain from exchanging any data with any other official institution which could make things way to easy and straightforward.
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    someone told me that from all dem tax laws around 80% origin in germany
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    @nebula I think they meant that 80% of all tax laws and regulations are in Germany
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    this, plus our history, plus our mediocre football team: how can anyone claim to be proud to be German? Ah, okay, Volkswagen, at least I like their campervans 🚙🙃😆
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    @LotsOfCaffeine yeah that is what i meant to say 😅 please excuse me
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    It took me 15 minutes to do my tax declaration, and they demanded like 70 EUR additional payment. Transferred the money, done.
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    Do you think German tax is complicated? Nothing compares to Brazilian tax system! It's absolutely insane and draconian. Companies exists only to satisfy sadistic Brazilian IRS. It's absurd.
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    Least you guys get something
    In the USA if you get fired you’re fucked
    The hearsay and reading I’ve been exposed to indicates while it’s very hard to find work or was in Germany it was very hard to lose a job

    Here if the boss doesn’t like you doesn’t matter why, he can invent a convoluted way of driving you nuts so your work suffers and deny you unemployment in short evicting you like a feudal lord

    This mechanism sponsors ridiculous amounts of corruption and power hungry behaviors that have been used to starve families waste peoples time they could spend working and destroy our country in short

    It’s created methods by which the local feudal lord can turn a male or female into a prostitute and clear out all the honest and hardworking people from an organization even a whole town that has been targeted by organized crime

    In short count your blessings. We have a bipartisan system where one party pretends to care about everyone and does nothing
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    While the other party stands for callous exploitation of ordinary people and everything takes forever where just living life is concerned

    And best of all the longer you’re stuck the more employers look at people like they’re no longer employable putting smart people and even people
    With degrees working at convenient stores extra hours they can’t survive off of and restaurants

    Our system is completely fucked and the last 20 years have seen an unspoken system of trade and favor spawning a generation so heartlessly evil and corrupt it’s provided justification
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    And once unemployment which doesn’t pay enough to do more than pay rent and eat shit diet, under normal circumstances, expires it’s done you have to hope your worthless family will take you in and let you preserve your possessions and get to work and you have to hope you still have a family
    We have nothing but excuses as to why life is hard here now
    Nigh impossible
    And shit floats
    The richest people are the most worthless examples of human trash hiding behind images of virtue or likable ordinary perversity masking things that are worse

    And it’s really just a matter of when someone decides to fuck with you as to what screws up your life
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    @fraktalisman Btw., have you ever been to France? After that, you'd start appreciating German bureaucracy.

    France / Germany: you want some shit. You go to the authority, they tell you that you need to present useless crap A, B, and C. You source that, then...

    ... Germany: you get your shit.

    ... France: you don't get your shit. Instead, the whole shebang comes back from one level up, detailing that the clerk had been talking BS, and instead, you need to do something completely different.
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    @fraktalisman @LotsOfCaffeine I'd like to invite you to India.
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    @Floydimus Do they even use form sheets other than bank notes?
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    @Fast-Nop I don't understand that question. Can you rephrase it please?
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    @Floydimus When you want something from an authority, do you need to hand in documents other than bank notes?
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    @Fast-Nop lol no. Only crispy notes.
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    Germany has an official software to do most of your tax declarations, and it's not even the worst piece of software that has been done for the civil service, but the usability is still not good.

    The software is called ELSTER, an acronym that means magpie. That's the fun part.

    Help text are often more confusing and missing the most important information, so everyone has to google and inevitably find themselves reading threads in ELSTER forum, a discussion board about how to use the software correctly.

    One example of bad usability: legal form of the enterprise (Rechtsform des Betriebes) is a lengthy dropdown with no obvious order, and the most unlikely entries are on top, like as if a capital company on shares (KGaA) would use this end-user web app to submit their taxes.
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    I've spent more than one working day doing accounting and tax declarations already, can I send an invoice to the f****** tax office?
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    Steuerliche Liebhaberei, Dreiecksgeschäfte, Scheinselbstständigkeit, Zusammenveranlagung, Verlustvortrag, and all of the options about agricultural and forestry jobs: o tax office, what are you trying to tell me? Should I leave my desk and become a lumberjack making love in the forest?
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