Duolingo is teaching me some really important sentences

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    Making sure all developers are fed.
    Even if they don't know the language
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    You are correct
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    Learning Gernan, huh?
    Me too, but check this out:
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    The developer is pizza.
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    I learned Swedish using that app. Once, after getting a bunch of stuff wrong, it wanted me to translate 'I don't speak swedish'
    Never felt more humiliated by technology
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    I think it's pretty important to learn about those weird verbs that change. In Kannst du sehr gut Deutsch schreiben?
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    Seriously, I still don't understand how you guys do it, but the nouns change, the verbs change, the adjectives change (and a lot), the pronouns change, and most important of all, the word order changes every single time. It's like someone purposefully designed a language where the order of the words makes no fucking sense so get it wrong every time.

    By the way, did I mention I actually like German a lot?
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    @Mitiko pretty much like actual german
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    @Gnu-Not-Unix It is much harder to learn the basics of German than the basics of English. But as soon as you get the structures behind it, you will see that German is very logical and absolutely consistent, much more than English.
    There are a lot of rules to learn, which is hard for beginners, but with every rule you will be able to tell exactly and detailed what you think, you don't have to learn masses of exceptions, and every single element makes sense.
    For logical persons like developers German is really great to learn (if you have the passion to), because it is much closer to programming than most other languages.
    Stay with it, learn for some longer, and it will certainly be much more comfortable and enjoyable for you, I am absolutely sure.
    Viel Erfolg!
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    @Lahsen2016 Right, but it doesn't sound the same. It is very similar (especially in dialects) but in Standard German "isst" has a long s and "ist" a short one. Besides that, in "isst" the s is the emphasised sound, in "ist" it's the t.
    For a not lazy native speaker, the difference is (besides the context) absolutely clear.

    Okay, wiseacres mode off.
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    @Lahsen2016 It's cool what actually happens every day without us noticing it, isn't it? 😄
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