I got a job without trying very hard... Unless your consider all the time I spend coding hobby projects trying.

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    I know a couple of guys who eat, sleep, and drink code. They have since they were ... like 10 years old. And that's their thing, that's cool.

    But then once in a while one of them says something like:

    "I don't know why people complain about how hard it is to get a job sometimes."

    Like bro....

    These guys are good guys and all but man their world is just a little bit skewed.
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    @N00bPancakes hmm... maybe I used to but not after I started working...

    After that it's just staying one step ahead of everyone else on the team...

    Not much about coding anymore... Just looking good...
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    @N00bPancakes I've heard it be said that the worst part of software dev is either having no life or competition for jobs with ppl with no life.
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