Got this software engineering job set up once I graduate, honestly I think I was lucky, but on to the rant. I'm realizing that I didn't study core CS knowledge 1/2 as much as I should have (c++based). I need this core knowledge for my job, so how can I best prepare with the remaining months? Friends said to just code something, but I have no idea what I would make.

I don't want to be the new guy that just had a nice resume and good extracurriculars, I want to get interested in code! I want to love this field, but have no clue where to start or get the motivation. I want to swap my video game hours with useful ones. Thanks fellow devs.

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    It's not a competition, just be ready to learn, maybe review a couple of books. Save your energy for learning their codebase.
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    Swap your video game hours with useful ones?

    If you have free time (I realize you do), combine gaming and programming!!

    Make a very low level game in a terminal with c++ or a high level one with Unity. Imagine a Candy crush game made in half a day with Unity. Personally it took 2 days for a small 2D game but the result was sooo rewarding! The feel of a game made by you is the real thing!! I wish I had more time for game development...sorry, I lost my flow.

    As I was saying, I totally recommend Unity but if you want pure programming then do a simple User Interface but complicated in code game. That reminds me of an assignment that I had once. "Try to simulate the cos(x) in a terminal with ASCII characters and C". Can you do that? Python is good for small scripts and mind bending (just saying...)

    Freedom to gamers!! I just felt I should say that.
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