A "state of siege" and isolation can gradually erode your sense of safety and sanity.

This can come in the form of bosses who's behavior, whatever it happens to be, makes you hesitant to come into work. It can be a partner who you dont want to see after work. It can be in laws or a landlord.

In our case it's the crackhouse down the street.

These people have broken into houses, cars, stolen, vandalized, and even threatened people.

So I'm hear, chest hurting from stress, and here comes a shithead we already ran off, pipe in hand, going to smash up the truck.

Chased him off. Not even the first time.

These motherfuckers threatened the elderly lady next door. Threatened an old lady *at my work*.

God damn drug addicts every where. No god damn respect. Violent cracked out lunatics. All hours of the. night and day. Last attack was broad daylight.

And it's just been a total siege.

I'm sick of living in a nation where those who try to get by are punished, and the worst are allowed to roam around like wolves preying on people.

Its intolerable and im sick and tired of it. I have no more patience left.

Whatever your situation, meber out up with violence, shitheads, lunatics and deranged drug addicts.

Smash them in their fucking mouth if you are forced to defend you and yours. Never hesitate.

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    I can relate to the part about living in a nation that punishes those trying to get by

    You have my sympathy
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    Call the police. If they refuse to help, which is becoming the norm, pretend a crackhead left their crack pipe on some kindling. Addicts are accident prone after all. That will at least move the pipe-wielding problems somewhere else.

    Or, you know. Move.
    That’s what we did.

    By the time we moved, the once quiet, somewhat upscale neighborhood we lived in had robberies and police sirens weekly, and shootings monthly. People were literally taking their own families hostage at gunpoint, with police helicopters and their megaphones overhead. Insanity.

    I won’t get into the changing racial statistics, but it’s what you’d expect given the above.

    We moved to a quiet town in a quiet state away from all the craziness. It’s nice here.
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    @Root the white addicts on average are *crazier* and *more* violent than the black addicts around here.

    Also the house with a revolving cast of about two dozen immigrants next door have ran to help us every time.

    No one wants their shit fucked with. Necessity makes strange bedfellows.

    Pulling a watch. No mosquitos tonight, thankfully.
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    @Root people like this are like the local kid fucker

    People do call the police and the police are either dirty or inept

    If dirty violent drug addicts aren’t getting arrested and they truly are being so with no cause

    Then either they’re serving some purpose to the authorities or some rich guys interests even if that’s just amusement

    Cops that aren’t corrupt tend to notice the mean crackhead threatening old women

    Question sometimes is who was the old woman sadly

    Just because someone’s old doesn’t mean they’re not evil
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    @MadMadMadMrMim anybody who is funded through property taxes, as most police forces are, will protect/service the areas that produce at least the plurality of that revenue more. The more stretched resources become, the worse that gets.
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    @jeeper hey. ever see this one ?
    amusingly. even though this is a joke and is supposed to be far fetched. let me put it this way. you have some old person you think is going to die soon, or who's family doesn;t give a shit about them. you put someone from a network of baddies in with them, they learn how to act like them they act nice they learn about them and they they put that fucking bitch in place of your grandmother in the home they supposedly had to sell.
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    @jeeper also actually pretty fucked up someone would joke about the incident that happened regarding bath salts which was pretty fucking gruesome and awful.

    we're so inured to human suffering when we see things up close the reality hits.

    like when i saw a car cross a lane of traffic and plow into another car with a person in between the two.
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    @MadMadMadMrMim incidentally the guy leading the drug addicts is a kid fucker.

    As for evil grandma's, yes, the evil do get old too. but that's a level of cynacism I'm not willing to consider.
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    You are describing USA right ?
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    @NoToJavaScript honestly this kind of thing is multinational

    The specific type of person can transmit their disease to the next generation and has every reason to create children to try and every reason to create a way to contain and disguise their behaviors because rightly people want to kill them when they find out
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    @Wisecrack I know it’s painful to consider

    Where the story of life is concerned sometimes for example I want to think that people a certain grandma if they sold themselves and their sons bodies they did so because their husband died after ww2 and they were left alone with garbage that took advantage which is likeLY PART of the story of our country

    Truth is some people either don’t care or feel or worse they get off on doing things like this

    Some even try to herald the the good fight and are just garbage lying because it excites them to be what they are while pretending not to be

    And that last really complicates things
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    @NoToJavaScript many places have problems, but the USA has the resources to largely solve these problems and actively chooses not to. That’s what is hidden here. Sure every country, at least every large country, has dangerous areas, some bad systems, and some class warfare. But in the US the extremes are vast.
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    state of seige i'm in is noone has adequately explained some kind of need to know information.

    like where are the retards not ?
    why exactly do they try to force people into their mode of life ?
    why is everyone doing the same shit ?
    where was I supposed to be chased off to to avoid being stuck in a loop with them ?
    what is the alternatiuve to being chased off ?
    how do I live an honest life without wasting most of my own ?
    are they actually getting anything they want ?

    are they telling the truth at all or is it different per person meant to experiment on different people who seem to be under the same system but in reality are just stabilizing longitudinal behavioral experimentation by being given incentive to act like robots or drug addicts ?
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    @MadMadMadMrMim you talk about wasting your life, but can you remember the last time you live for *others* lives?
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    @Wisecrack there is literally no one worth that anymore
    And yes I can
    Every day I don’t do the things I want to because the sick fucks wasting everyone’s lives would hurt people who don’t deserve it no matter what de facto corrupt reality is behind all this
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    @Wisecrack and then I get punished for being attacked on top of everything else for “scaring me”
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    @Wisecrack did you have fun building a fucking prison of words or are you still here hypocrite ?
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    Ducked up the
    Psycho shit they’re doing now
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    @MadMadMadMrMim being 100% real, I disagree that there are no others out there worth living for.

    I may be wrong, but someone hurt someone you care about didnt they?
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