My wireless headphones stopped working, fuuuuuccckkk! Now I'll have to order a new pair. Any recommendations?

Once I have my new pair I'll take apart this one to try to fix the wiring :D

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    I really like my Sennheiser urbanite, although a friend got momentum and the difference is mostly around temperature (cool and warm tone, if that makes sense). Also, Sennheiser released an updated momentum too, might want to check it out.
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    Something with a cord... 😉
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    Wal-Mart. Paid 20 bucks for mine
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    The headphones subreddit has some really useful recommendations and a step-by-step purchase assistant.
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    @dzil123 Cool thanks for informing me about it
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    That's illogic.
    If you had decided to make an attempt to fix your shit, why do you wait for the new ones to arrive.
    It's already broken, so there is no great loss when you mess it up completely.
    Just! DO IT!!!!1! xD
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    @TylerDDevRant True, but it's likely any fix won't last for long. Might as well get to ordering a backup pair.
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    Plantronics backbeat pro... Best sound for that price and best battery lifetime (24h in 3h of charging)
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