Came across a nice comparison today:

GoT: Countless characters and competing factions fighting for influence.

JavaScript: Countless libraries and competing standards fighting for influence.

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    All Developers must die !!
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    Not a go programmer but I'm intrigued. Could you elaborate? I understand the js part
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    @volaski it's not about Go as a language but GoT as in Game of Thrones ^^
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    Countless libraries? Well not if you don't count all the ones with stupid standards..

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    competing standards? what?
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    @faisalhakim47 might be alluding at ES6 vs TypeScript :)

    But I'd suppose this could also relate to stuff like design patterns, code style, libraries and frameworks willing to become somehow a standard for web development..

    Quite multilayered - that's why it caught my attention I guess :D
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