how lazy can you be
const { available, quantity, deliveryDate } = {
available: data?.getStockLevels?.[0]?.available || "Unavailable",
quantity: 0,
deliveryDate: data?.getStockLevels?.[0]?.deliveryDate,

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    It's so funny to me.
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    Wait what why destructuring

    That's not lazy, that's straight up dumb
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    I think he meant not extracting the `data?.getStockLevels` call into a separate variable. Also destructing is nonsense here…
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    Lol! okay
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    @nitwhiz man.... i joined a new company, next time I'll be the one asking for a coding assignment from them
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    @shekyb this is something I started to ask when applying for senior positions.

    If I have to whiteboard, so do my interviewers. Take home exo? Yup, I ask them to do one too. Live coding? Let's switch at one point.

    I usually get a straight « no » and thus I end the interview right away. When they comply, it varies from okay-ish to straight up « nothing to do here. Goodbye ».

    The interview is two-way and I did a lot of them from both sides in my career.
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    @DevLivesMatter and what is the number of companies that comply and do it?
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    @shekyb Over 18 interviews (I do interviews for the sake of it, to see how others do it and stay aware of what's needed, usually for a Lead or Sr position):

    11 told me immediately to fuck off
    4 immediately agreed
    3 agreed after discussion
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    @DevLivesMatter thanks - will try
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