Whichever developer thought "hey I know what would be a good idea... Instead of reading an article on one page, let's have a slideshow..." should just die.

Man I fucking hate those slideshow websites that want you to click through twenty slides to read something.

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    Ads mate. The more you click, the more money enters their bank account.
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    Yup. As @JavaSlave says, it's the complement to click bait. Get people to your site and get them to visit as many pages as possible when they're there. Boosts your stats and visitor counts. And money.
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    I know, right.
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    @JavaSlave true, that's the whole point,
    more ad views

    I fucking hate all those sites...
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    The worst are probably the ones that also have a ad slide after every second real article slide (besides the hundreds of ads already around the slide)
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