A little rant about you guys...

Those devRanters that feel the need to put "repost" on every fucking post they come across, I have news for you... By putting "repost" you are intact fucking reposting.

People cannot read every single rant ever posted, and just because you read a similar post, doesn't mean they did. Chill out.

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    This rant is a repost of another angry ranter ranting on devRant about other ranters ranting about rants.
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    I do mark posts as reposts sometimes but that's when I've seen that post or image or whatsoever for at least like five times and then it starts to get annoying imo
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    @linuxxx I mean there are some posts that are blatantly reposts. I have seen screenshots of others posts as the image.

    I am not ranting about marking posts as reposts as this is ok, it's a silent method, I mean the guys who post comments complaining that it's a repost.
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    @MaccaMc Ahhhh check my bad!
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