"All tasks are on the highest priority".
If all tasks are on priority, nothing is on priority.

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    Congratulations for an original idea
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    @electrineer Stop getting sarcasm on my screen, please.
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    If everyone’s super, no-one is.
    The Incredibles taught me that.
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    @electrineer I posted this because it happened to me recently and its not very funny when it happens in real life.
    btw who made you 'original idea' police? . contribute something to the post or fuck off.
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    @Floydimus Holy shit when did this place become stack overflow?
    OP is ranting, post is tagged as a rant.
    If you dont like it, piss off and read something else.

    It baffles me how people find this difficult. I thought devs were smart.
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    @Floydimus Can you please stop commenting this shit under every post. Its fucking annoying and this platform is about having fun, you should try it one time.
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    @Floydimus Really proud of your little flowchart arent you? You rag on people for their content/tags yet you keep posting the same damn thing.
    Post something useful or dont bother. You are just wasting your time and everyone elses.
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    "fine, alphabetical order it is then"
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    This means your PM isn't fit for his job.

    His job is to literally set priorities. Even a 2 year old can cry about literally everything till he gets everything he wants
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    "All task are high priority, but some task are more high priority than others"
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    Maybe they really are all priority this time and next time they might not be.
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    If everyone is an admin no one is an admin.
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    @eastuger Oh, I need this on a t-shirt to wear to my next security team meeting
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