One of the worst weekends of my adult life. I'm flying to attend my best friends funeral tomorrow. My flight is delayed over 6 hours by a cyclone that already passed over my house 3 days ago. And I am still in my 90 days at my new job so I can't take any PTO and have to take a redeye Monday morning and be back online for standup.

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    I'm so sorry :'( you must be in pain. I lost a friend last summer, couldn' t go to his funeral because of covid. It took me times to even realize. I wish you a safe flight at least.
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    May their Soul Rest In Peace

    Talk to your boss and see if you could get 1-day leave in advance. You need some Peace of Mind and Rest
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    Update: got some closure and made it back home safe to my family which is all I could ask for.
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