As we are all aware, no two programmers are identical with regard to personal preferences, pet peeves, coding style, indenting with spaces or tabs, etc.

I have a somewhat strong fascination with SVG files/elements. Particularly icons, logos, illustrations, animations, etc. The main points of intrigue for me are the most obvious: lossless quality when scaling and usage versatility, however, it goes beyond simply appreciating the format and using it frequently. I will sit at my PC for a few hours sometimes, just "harvesting" SVG elements from websites that are rich with vector icons, et al. There is just something about SVG that gets my blood and creativity flowing. I have thousands of various SVG files from all over the web and I thoroughly enjoy using Figma to inspect and/or modify them, and to create my own designs, icons, mockups, etc.

Unrelated to SVG, but I also find myself formatting code by hand every now and then. Not like massive, obfuscated WordPress bundle/chunk files and whatnot, but just a smaller HTML page I'm working on, JSON export data, etc. I only do it until it becomes more consciously tedious, but up to that point, I find it quite therapeutic.

So, I'm just curious if there are others out there who have any similar interests, fascinations or urges, behaviours, etc.

*** NOTE: I am not a professional programmer/developer, as I do not do it for a living, but because it is my primary hobby and I am very passionate about it. So, for those who may be speculating on just what kind of a shitty abomination of a coworker I must be, fret not. Haha.

Also, if anyone happens to have knowledge of more "bare-bones" methods of scraping SVG elements from web pages, apps, etc. and feels inclined to share said knowledge, I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Thank you! :)

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    I understand your love for SVGs. When using them inline you can even target parts with JS and CSS. 😍
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    @koes Right on, man. Yeah, absolutely. They're very dynamic and "malleable." I have yet to really dive into it, but I've been intrigued with learning about SVG animation. Well animated SVGs (icons, illustrations, visual components, etc.) sure have a way of bringing a user interface (or whatever it may be) to life. 😁
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