(As a freelancer I was asked to do a couple of tasks on legacy code)

Let’s check this code, how bad can it be?

- all of the following: unreadable mess, no auto linting

- tests: some are there cause there’s not enough automation, others are poorly named
- frontend: somehow a genius made a react component for every variable in the store which only passes the variable to the child (wtf)
- backend: death by best practices
- ci/cd: “we have it but it’s broken”

Let’s fucking goooo 😎

Diagnosis: my therapist is getting rich
Chances to not cry tonight: close to zero

At least they pay well 🤷‍♂️

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    I feel you
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    And what do you expect ?

    99.99% of project beeing developped right now witrh "best code/test practices" will fit this description in 5 years.

    QAnd react will die. that shit should die.
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    @NoToJavaScript why do you think so? Unless flutter gets really big we’ll be stuck with us for a looong time (unless our species kills us first ofc)
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    death by best practices?
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    @JoseHdez2 basically “death by best practices” is when you mindlessly apply all the best practices you can find, without reasoning on the scope or the reason why they are applied, ending up applying either conflicting best practices or practices which clash badly against the chosen architecture
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