I love PHP but for the love of PHP haters I modified this...

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    Give me a real alternative and I'll give it a shot
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    @ieuank how about javascript? Or maybe Java? Or Python? (2 years later) or golang..
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    @teganburns wait a sec!! JS and Java are worse than php? How?
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    The problem is that you don't use JavaScript/Python/Java not in the same way as you would use PHP
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    Groovy, maybe?
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    @darkfire000 I don't really understand what you mean by that! I've used PHP (for 9yrs), JAVA (4yrs) and JS (2-3 yrs)... and I still don't understand what you mean by that!!
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    @darddan In php you can easily create scripted backend programms for all web servers. With Java / Python / JavaScript (NodeJS I guess) you either use a completely different approach or you do it in a CGI like way and then you can just use practically every language.
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    These are some alternatives for PHP
    Python django,flask,... (very simple but lower performance than php frameworks in general)
    Javascript NodeJs( fast and simple)
    Ruby on rails (i dont know)
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    @aliafzal none of those are alternatives I'd use in production though. Nodejs at this point maybe if absolute real-time interactivity is needed but that's it
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