Switched jobs one month ago.

Used to work overtime on complex features, every engineer was 10x, learned a bunch, worked my ass of everyday. Switch due to overtime and because I wanted more personal time.

Anyways, at the new job I’ve completed two tickets in a month, code is shit, no one cares about the quality, scalability, etc. I’m payed 2x more and I currently work max 3 hours a day. Feels weird AF. I guess I got what I wanted, but didn’t know back then that professionally I’m going to degrade. Didn’t happen yet, but I can see that in the future.


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    Grass is always greener I guess.
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    If you start to care about Quality and Scalability, then you can work 8 hours a day

    Win Win situation
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    It’s not possible due to development culture there. Read my previous posts. They’re related.
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    My 2 cents here. Us Developers are really passionate problem solvers— but unfortunately that doesn’t really translate into us being valuable/indisposable entities to the business. In fact, it makes it easier for these white collar crooks to exploit us as code monkeys.

    You are a tool of commerce to be exploited mercilessly and laid off when not needed (when you’re too old or your skillset/framework is outdated). Just put in your work sincerely—> collect your salary—> switch again if you get a better opportunity. In the mean time, you should get involved in Socialist/Leftist movements as well (we could really use your help).
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    Omg. Same feeling after changing jobs recently :(
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    sucks man, 10x is a toxic myth but hope you find a better job that cares about code quality soon.
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    Make the most out of it and find some pet projects to keep your mind sharp in your newfound free time, otherwise you are gonna get degraded in time
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