Fuck api docs which are blatantly wrong. Wasted several hours on building an API client with pagination according to the api docs.

Turns out the actual implementation did not follow its own spec / api doc and returns values without pagination. And some objects are not objects but arrays.

I mean, next time I build an API client, I'll just fire a dozen requests on the endpoint, see what it wants and see what I get and maybe guess right what it actually does.

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    that's the spirit, keep it up!
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    After finishing a project i always thing.

    I wish I would have built X first and then just conformed to that ...

    But I change what X is sometimes ...

    Last week I did a lot of front end work on a thing and stopped and ... now I'm building the back to see if the logic makes sense for the actual data and the queries and etc I'll build...

    Just never know.

    But yeah spam the fuck out out APIs is the way to go IMO.
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    I just ranted about this today. I exactly experienced the same api problems as yours. See my rant: https://devrant.com/rants/4492784/...
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    @jasongodev It's funny. My rant is inspired by an actual issue at work. I get frustrated, head to devrant to rant about it and see yours on the front page and think "Hey, at least I'm not suffering alone"
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