Anybody here work with Firebase before?

I have a web app (react) that writes to a Firestore DB and a mobile app (react-native) that reads from the DB. As of right now, in my Firebase console I have the project set up as a web app project. Is this ok even though I’m reading the DB through a mobile app? Let me know if I’m not clear at all. Thanks!

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    Has anybody here worked with JavaScript before?
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    You can run separate apps in the same project and share a db between them easy but you would have to use the Firebase sdk for whatever platform your mobile app is on and download the config files. Are you currently just making requests to the firestore api from your mobile app?
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    @devjesus I believe the SDK im using is correct for this(??) Im using the Javascript SDK from NPM which says its good for "the Web, mobile Web (e.g. React Native, Ionic) ..." I want want to avoid problems in the future if I can, I'm pretty new to firebase
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    @wackOverflow I didnt know that you could share a DB between different apps. I am using the Javascript SDK from NPM (https://npmjs.com/package/firebase/) which says it should be good for both Web apps and Web mobile apps (like react native). The only calls I am making to firebase from the mobile app is just to read data
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    @DeepHotel yeah you can have multiple apps in a project. It’s handy when you want to run a mobile app and have like an admin view app that shares the same db. If you’re using react native I guess you should be good to use it how you are. I’ve never used react-native with Firebase.
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    I think this only becomes an issue when you’re implementing push notifications for iOS and Android respectively.
    But as mentioned above, you can just re-initialise project.
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    @GiddyNaya never heard of it. Is it some sort of Node library?
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