If you want to improve, be with people that are already better than you.

That's what I do, and so far so good.

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    And here is the reason why I want to get a new job.
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    Where do I find these people? devRant is one but I need moar!!!!
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    I've been the only dev at my last five development jobs! >< It's so frustrating!
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    @Ashkin doesnt that make you God?
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    @Ashkin i know the feels. Finally on a small team now, but I am the most accomplished developer there, so not much to learn from the other guys ☹️
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    forever alone
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    Kinda sad if you're doing better than everyone else in your current school. I always thought having someone mentoring you would be the fastest way to learn.
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    @billgates Absolutely.
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