How do I get gud? Been coding in Python for a while now and I still have a little bit of a problem figuring out where to go. I can read the docs and generally construct a decent program if it's fairly simple. Go anywhere beyond what I know I end up having to google for examples. Not sure if that's how many people do it but I feel like it's cheap. I feel like I'm taking bits of code, modifying it, and slapping part of my own code to it. I'm trying to teach myself how to make my own program without any major help from Google.

I'm still new so I think it's okay for the most part but I don't want to be a half ass programmer who more or less just googles and slaps things together. I want to sit there, think of a problem, and think "Oh I can use this module to help me with this and I can create this function using xyz and that should solve it!" I'm sure part of that comes with practice, but what else can I do to get gud and not be a lousy coder?

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    I will see what people say.
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    If for web? Try Django framework.
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    My friend, you should hang around GitHub a bit. Have you ever been told "not to reinvent the wheel"? A lot of what you want to create has already been created. The entire premise of GitHub, Bitbucket, etc is to copy people's code and improve it or remix it by slapping on your code (and sometimes accidentally fuck it up). The truth of the matter is that it is inefficient to build code from scratch. The only thing that approach helps is your own personal understanding of how this code is working.
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    @mordax Sorry been busy lately. I feel like that's cheap though, is it not? Especially in the learning stages of programming, why would I just take someone elses code and only make minor updates to it? I understand if you're just talking about very minor things but overall why would you want your program to be everyone elses code thrown together clumsily?
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