if you want to encounter 400 lb angry virgin programmers go on r/Python and suggest they should add a static keyword to their classes.

They swarm out of the woodwork and take turns trolling you until a mod bans you for responding in suit.

Its amazing, the dumbest lack of language feature and they're like
'me no want the extra keystroke me like code that can lose peopel, me fo fucks no never, not gonna happen, you asshat, haha, now go bye now, *click*'

valid argument is python classes are lacking in decoration

this i suppose is ok overall, i mean they work. except the issue i was having the other day resulted from a variable not being DOUBLE DECLARED IN BOTH THE CLASS SCOPE AND INSIDE THE CONSTRUCTOR LIKE IT WAS A JS OBJECT BEING INTERPRETED AS A STATIC FIELD !





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    @theKarlisK ya its like stackoverflow all over again lol
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    @theKarlisK god i hate stackexchange, can we mine the data off the site sort through it and make something else ?
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    So you went in to a python forum, acted like an asshole, and they banned you. How would any forum be any different?

    If you really want a static variable in a function just assign a value to the function. It is an object. You can use a try/except clause to do the initialization of the static. Messy, but doable.
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    Am I seriously going to have to be the one to point out that you can already do static methods in Python using `@static`?
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    @YADU I see @staticmethod. I don't see a way to do static variables in a function. I don't understand why you would want a static class.

    I think the OP is Sheogorath.
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    @Demolishun it was a language feature suggestion you fucking moron. quick making assumptions.
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    @YADU fields.
    it was about specifying a field as explictly static
    or instance
    like you do in every other language.
    not methods


    class myclass:

    def __init__(self):
    self.instance = 1

    class myclass1:
    instance:int =1
    def myfunc(self,v):
    self.instance =v

    obj1: myclass = myclass()
    obj1.instance = 1 # works

    obj2:myclass = myclass1()
    ob2.instance = 1 # actually gets no complaint
    # sets the value to be the same for alllll instances

    stop being a jackass.
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    @Demolishun in high level languages static classes sometimes make sense when you're trying to publish values across an entire application reachable by everything or to hold config values

    static methods make sense for factories and things that manipulate data not tied to an instance

    static fields make sense to create settings all instances will use like a mode value.

    static fields that mark a instance fields type make no sense at all
    fields that can be static if you forget to explicitly initialize them in a constructor make no sense at alll
    fields that only appear in a constructor make no sense at all

    python's class syntax is shit.
    and python may be easy to use but that doesn't make it an ideal language for more than just the lack of compilation and error checking PRIOR to execution.
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    @UnicornPoo i've been writing unit tests for literally every method i write in python lol its taking me for goddamn ever lol since many of them rely on the others !

    python not checking for syntax errors prior to execution is scary lol
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    god i hate repeats like listening to people be full of shit that once a long time ago i thought were being honest.

    its like listening to crazy people not realizing they're crazy and then being shown a film taken directly from inside their twisted mind prior to watching a recording of them talking about the same shit.

    such hypocrisy should be punishable by death
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    @Demolishun yes sorry I dont use Python often enough to actually remember what it is.
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    @YADU honestly if i could replace all bash shell scripts with python i would :P
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    @YADU have you ever seen bash syntax ?
    its disgusting.
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    @YouAllSuck you dont need to explicitly mark fields as static in Python, just make a variable in the class but outside any method...

    I guess I'm gonna get banned here for saying this lol
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    @YADU ok NOW i get the idea of why people sometimes think i';m a bot. that was random.
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    @UnicornPoo look at this adorable video.

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    @YouAllSuck I personally love bash, you can pry my shitty bash scripts out of my cold dead hands.

    At least Bash doesnt try to act like a real language, unlike Python.

    Bash stays in its place. Bash knows it's a piece of shit and doesn't get full of itself.
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    @YouAllSuck ya its like stackoverflow all over again lol

    Thats the lifecycle of every 'community'.

    The people that are genuine and give a shit, eventually leave, hollowing out the community as a flood of self-interested shitheads swamp the entire thing and metastasize their shitty personality traits into a culture of utter failure.

    And then the good posters go elsewhere, and build up a new community.

    Rinse and repeat. termites versus carpenters.

    Also, what about dependency injection? I have this vague conception of

    what it is, but it strikes me as a five dollar word for a fifty cent concept.
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    @Wisecrack why did irc die ? it was incentivized by free movies, porn and music lol
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    Tell them to suck your private member.
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    There is behavioral difference between class variables and instance variables in Python.
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    @forcepushfixall yes that is the point
    my point is a simple decorator would make defining classes more readable.

    the paragraph style of most c++ like languages or the heavy access modifer and keyword syntax of c# makes how a class is organized easy to follow

    and that and the way you access static vs instance variables is defined well

    python allows for some.. questionable behaviors. see above
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    so my question is what happened that improved our life so much after this ? is that once they finish making excuses for lost time ? are they just storing these actions in the back of our heads until they invent whatever newest disaster they are going to create ?
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    but if i'm choosing from all trash i prefer trash that is well.. in a nicer package lol
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    Its literally in the documentation:

    *instance variables are for data unique to each instance and class variables are for attributes and methods shared by all instances of the class*

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    @forcepushfixall stop making excuses for a shitty syntax you’re acting like a child trying to be right
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    There is no shitty syntax, apparently you found out the hard way the difference between class and instance variables, now you're blaming the language and its syntax for your incompetence, as you could have known this by reading the most basic Python tutorial.
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    @YouAllSuck what's up with the consistent homo-erotic tropes in your comments? Its okay to be gay. Stop the incel behavior please.
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    @forcepushfixall bet you want to swallow that good bavarian sausage even more now don't you ? LMAO
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    @forcepushfixall that last was humor. lol just so you know lol
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    @forcepushfixall i have no idea what that means but it is funny lol
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    In high-level languages, static classes are useful for publishing values across an entire application or holding config values. Static methods are useful for manipulating data not tied to an instance, such as factories. Static fields are good for creating settings all instances will use, like a mode value. However, static fields that mark an instance field's type, fields that can be static if you forget to initialize them explicitly in a constructor, and fields that only appear in a constructor are pointless. Python's class syntax is not good, and while it's easy to use, it's not an ideal language due to the lack of compilation and error checking prior to execution.
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