I'm a senior dev and on my new project, I am really working my a** off and enabling the other developers to concentrate on the work, while I'm handling all of the processes in the background for the client.

I couldn't really write code for a month now, but I'm okay with it because I can protect the team from dealing with all of these bs.

We have feedback discussions right now and I received something like: You are doing your job very well, but you are nagging too much about the client and the processes. Tbh I'm only complaining about this stuff behind the scenes and never in front of the client and compared to the past I reduced it by a lot.

Situations like that are so frustrating for me. I really had a good feeling that I'm on the right track and still people complain about characteristic aspects that are not happening on purpose.

I don't really invest much time into thinking if the voice/tone could have been improved.

Just needed to get this stuff out. Also, I am thinking about starting a rant book, so that I don't share any bad thoughts anymore with my colleagues /superiors

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