My employer wants our development team to change to laptops instead of the setup we have .. which is a PC with two monitors

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    You can have a 2 monitor setup with a laptop as well.
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    So your answer is "project valerie", never forget!!!
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    My guess is he wants you 24/7. On call all the fucking time. If it happens, never take the thing out of the building.
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    I have a laptop with three 1920x1200 monitors connected, it's fantastic for meetings or heading to the lab.

    I'd agree that you should never leave the building with it tough.

    Since getting a laptop all my notes are now paperless too.
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    We are in the reverse situation where some of the dev team want laptops so we can travel between sites and be sure we are able to still work... Management are resistant though 😞
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    That sounds awesome, I will take the laptop, give them the box and keep the 2 monitors, that way I get 2 screens to look at...
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    At least u had 2 to begin with. I had to repeatedly ask just to get a single monitor.
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    I've always had the laptop/dock combo in all of the companies I've worked for. I love it too.

    Connect everything to the dock so when you need to go mobile.. just undock it. You don't have to worry about unplugging anything that way.
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    As long as it is as powerful as your PC its not a big deal (plus you can keep the extra two monitors and use the main monitor too so you'll have three)
    But don't take that laptop with you home or he might ask you to be on call even when you're done
    Like @helloworld said
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    All you people telling them not to take the laptop at home: Don't you do remote work? I enjoy being able to work from home when I expect a delivery without having to issue a vacation day or similar.
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    If you put your laptop under a second monitor, it makes it look like a 3ds. You could also counter propose that the company could just pay for everyone to have logmein. That's 250$ versus a couple thousand for new laptops.
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    Apparently our monitors are gonna be taken and .. they think that they are going for a Google esque setup .. whereby engineers do work on a laptop sitting on a couch .. I am not sure that's accurate though
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    @shaffaaf OK. That sounds like one of those situation where managers are deciding something they think is totally awesome but won't even conceive to ask the ones that are actually affected by their decision.
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    Immensely stupid.
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    One way to do it...don't mind the game, it's an older photo
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