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    Is it just me, or reading job descriptions is sucking the will to live?

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    Writing them is pretty dull, too.
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    Jr/Sr role
    -list of every technology ever used
    10+ years experience
    Masters in physics
    Work life balance
    Benefits/unlimited vacation

    Quick template for job postings.
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    They all sound to me like
    We are looking for someone who knows more than i know, and can do things i cant and is willing to work in a "challenging" ( meaning stressful) environment, and very "eager" (meaning wants to work 15 hours a day)..

    FU! Not one of the jobs descriptions make me inspired to join your team of genius slaves .. not one!! 😖
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    Like 2 or 3 of these
    Things are necessary
    To do the job but
    We like to look like a
    Modern company wit
    A good stack and
    Disregard that we use
    1.4 java
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