Spent 3 weeks working on an issue (raised by dev A) by following the suggested solution stated in the issue.
Pushed a PR and got told by dev B that it's not the correct solution.
Dude, I am just an intern here and following whatever they told me to do. If you have a problem with the solution, please discuss it with dev A.
Now I may have to let go of the issue completely because it turns out to be much more complicated, not for someone with intern level skill.
FML, I guess this won't be the last time I had this right?

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    Dev A is basically a god in our company thus super busy. He didn't have enough time to check my code thoroughly. And maybe he also didn't check with other dev if his solution is okay.
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    what if the solution is neither wrong nor correct 🤨
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    @hinst I will just roll the dice 🤷‍♀️😕
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    It's alright. Don't get too attached to your code or your work.
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    I'm an intern myself and I just wonder how big of an issue that would be to take 3+ weeks. I spend more than a day solving something where I'm at and I get called slow. So.. just curious, what's this issue about?
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    At first, it appears to be be quite simple, I just have to move some functions from one module to other module for client code. But these functions are used often in other modules. The move cause more unnecessary dependencies to them. I didn't know some dependencies are not permitted.

    I also have to fix the server code, set up a docker to compile the server code but the docs were not updated. 🤷‍♀️

    The reviewers ended just fighting among themselves in my PR, so I decided to just drop the issue, this is not for intern to fix.
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    Sorry for the late reply.
    Yeah, that just too much to give an intern, sounds like too big of a mess for someone who wasn't even involved in it's creation to handle, let alone all by him/herself
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