Not a rant! 😁
For the first time in 21 years, ya girl landed herself a job!
It's a part-time paid internship to work at the IT help-desk for a company. Not hugely glamorous, but for the first job in my whole life, I am pretty excited & happy 😊
And as an extra bonus, my partner got the job too!! Yay :)

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    @elcore thank you so much for your kind words!! 😊
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    @KnightsOfCode thank you for being lovely!! 😊
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    See if you can angle into dev ops or something a little more involved while you're there.
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    Kudos to you hun
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    IT help desk is quite fun, I am a support engineer now I enjoy it. Those stupid questions make me smile lol, ranting on things with co-workers.

    The only thing lately is that it's getting BUSY
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    Hello friends!! Thank you all for your lovely comments, we started work a little while ago, and it's been pretty good so far :) <3
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    See this is what happens when you are in algo mode.

    Anyway, Congratulations. I hope your new job is treating you well! @ramisa
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    @vish hahaha I know, right! All them old rants. Thank you, though! Our boss played a cruel April fool's joke on us though, pretending like we all had to re-do interviews in order to keep our jobs -_- but he's a good bloke, no harm done :D
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