This kind of random stuff happens to me often:

*comes home from going out*
*wants to sleep badly*
Brain: heyyy, why don't we take a look at some vps discounts!!!
Me: please, I want to FUCKING sleep.
Brain: oh come on...
Me: pls don't do this to me..
Brain: But vps discounts...
Me: oh FUCK YOU, I'll go look up some stuff.

My brain can be weird and annoying.

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    I do this often too. Including this vps thing. I have wasted nights looking at stupid vps providers. So which one do you use?
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    What do you think of OVH? I think it's good enough.
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    @rayanon Not sure if directed at me but I use multiple. At the moment I use Strato, Contabo and ServDiscount for renting dedi's. Yourself?
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    @linuxxx I haven't heard any of those. Should check them out! I personally use Digital Ocean, Linode and have a bare metal on Hetzner.
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    @rayanon Ahh fair enough! I font like bandwidth limits so digital ocean isn't for me really but heard great stuff about hetzner!
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    @linuxxx DO/Linode gives you 2TB/month transfer for $10. Which is usually enough for small stuff. I haven't ever hit the limits. How reliable are the providers you have mentioned? What's your experience with them?

    PS: Hetzner is lovely with very cheap beefy bare metal servers. Fair support over email. Couple of problems - hardware failures often, and they get DDoS'd often. Although they have introduced DDoS protection recently.
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    @rayanon I'll take a look at them! Although ServDiscounts reviews are bad, I'm happy enough with them. Contabo isn't the best but I'm not complaining for their price 😅. Strato's support is slow as a mf but the most stable one I've ever been with!
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