Fuck unreasonable deadlines. Just do your stuff as if you have the time of the world. Stop compromising the quality of your work and things are going to be done when they're done. Good quality stuff that's worth the wait.

I started to tell this to myself this week. For months now I took the bait that everything is urgent. And whatever crap management want has to be done yesterday. But.... Well... They pushed it too effing far.

Redo this module that took the former team about six months to finish. You have 10 days.

Well... What? Everyone is saying yes?... Everyone going full code monkey making no progress?

This is the moment I stop compromising and stop listening to your suggestions. I am going to do what I know how to do, the way I know it works, and I will not cut one corner based off your suggestions. I'm sorry, I've been dealing with this shit for too long already, and I don't want to suffer the consequences of degrading the quality of what I write anymore.

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    Welcome aboard friend!
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    CTO: we need to do xyz, how long will it take you to complete ?
    Me: 3-6 months

    ... Several planning meetings later ..

    CTO: ok, i give you 2 extra people, you now have 3 weeks to complete it
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    @DarkMukke oh actually, having people to manage decreases the time I have for coding, and increases communication time, communication time is also increased twice per new team member since I have to spend time and they have to spend time. We could probably shorten de ETA by about 2-3 weeks with this new setup, but it doesn't increase linearly with the amount of people. So estimate with this will probably be 2 months and a half to 5, Even with all the meetings we've had, there are still a lot of edgecases we haven't accounted for, and that will delay delivery.
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    I think management is too used to haggle for lower prices with the providers, that they actually believe they can do the same with deadlines.
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    Sounds like you work at the same company as me 😂
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