The saddest and funniest side of our industry is (atleast in India): someone works hard and makes it to the best colleges, do great projects on AI, ML; get a good score on Leetcode, codechef; gets a job in FAANG-like companies...

Changes colors in CSS and texts in HTML.

And, why is there so much emphasis on Data Structures and Algorithms? I mean, a little bit is fine, but why get obsessed with it when you never write algorithms in production code?

Now, don't tell me that, we use libraries and we should know what we are doing, no, we don't use algorithms even in libraries.

Now, before you tell me that MySQL uses B-tree for maintaining indexes, you really don't need to solve tricky questions to be able to understand how a B-tree works.

It's just absurd.

I know how to little bit on how design scalable systems.
I know how to write good code that is both modular and extensible.
I know how to mentor interns and turn them into employees.
I know how to mentor junior engineers (freshers) and help them get started.
Heck I can even invert a binary tree.

But some FAANG company would reject me because I cannot solve a very tricky dynamic programming question.

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    DSA can be more useful if you preparing for competitive programming and those tricky and brainstorming questions can help you in logic building instead. It's fucking true and makes no sense to learn DSA for production
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    @Eklavya but then why ask these stupid questions from mid-level engineers who are no longer into competitive programming, who obviously do not have enough time to cram over Leetcode without compromising with either their current job or other aspects of life.
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    To make this job more “elite” and charge customer more money.

    That’s simply free market. I can try to hire particle physics professor to wipe my ass and particle physics professor can say fuck this job they will pay me twice as much to wipe this motherfucker ass and I can have more time doing what I like that is particle physics than deal with those idiots on the university.
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    @vane I want my ass wipe particles analyzed and I want it now!
    Know any good particle physics professors? You seem to be in the loop.
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