Boss: Can I pick your brains about something for 5 mins?

Me: Sure

-Call started-

(2hr 49min later...)

Boss: So you're still on track to finish that project by lunch today?


-Call ends-

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    There is an important rule, the greybeards never talk about:
    If anything happens, that you did not accounted for, then the estimate automatically becomes invalid.

    You estimate three hours and then your boss wastes two of them - fine, it will still take the three hours and one more for getting back in the mood.

    What you are estimating is not a point in time or a duration of existance - but an amount of work.
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    You: Sure will be done in five minutes

    (2hr 49min later)

    Boss: Are you done yet?
    You: almost give me another five minutes...
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    Me : "Not anymore. Your 15 min estimation went grossly wrong"
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