I did some grave and irreversible mistakes in my life

- Never gathered enough courage to mingle with women when I was younger and now the hope is lost

- Compromised my values and mental wellness when I met a narcissistic bitch

- Did not invest money wisely when markets were sailing low and allowed that good sum to sit in bank

- Did not plan health and term insurance at early age when premiums could have been low

- Out of fear, did not follow my gut to purchase gold because my father was acting crazy (or else my money would have been doubled)

- Did not plan my taxation well (or until now would have paid almost zero tax)

- Did not define strict boundaries and allowed people to overstep (or else I would have better friends and family relationships)

- Did not quit my job early and stuck with low paying shit with negative learning, for years (or else I would have grown exponentially)

Thankfully few things I did right are, spending more time with my mom and learning from my mistakes.

I hope I don't make such stupid life choices again.

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    Hindsight is always 20/20 - particularly in investment - so don't be too hard on yourself. I was (and still am) guilty of some of these points myself, but what matters is that your learn from it, plan to improve and then actually follow through. (The last part ia the most difficult one for me.)
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    @saucyatom I agree. Trying to be not hard on myself.

    And while hindsight is 20/20 but also comes in Hindsight bias.
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    Mingle with meee I’m woman lol

    Aww *hugs* thank you daddy for sharing
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    You just did you what you thought was best for you during those moments. Had they not happened, the lessons would not have sticked and you would not have had the growth you have today.

    You’ll never run out of new opportunities to try…
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    Feels bad,man. I feel similar
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    You could have lost all your money. Do not think retroactively about investment.
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    >Mingle with meee I’m woman lol
    lol sure

    >Aww *hugs* thank you daddy for sharing
    LMAO wtf!! 🤣 you are cute.
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    @milk Well, I partially agree because certain things I was about to do but was stopped from doing so by stupid people around me. Hopefully, I encounter better opportunities in future :)

    @iiii Yes, but looking forward to a brighter future.

    @aviophile I could have but it wasn't a gamble or blind bet. I had a plan and was more strategic towards the execution of entire idea. But yes, having a positive perspective does help.
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    To the fuckups! 🥂
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    Cheers buddy. We all mess up, and it's up to us to reflect on our mistakes and improve ourselves. I can relate to some of those mistakes myself.
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    @Floydimus I'm not looking forward. There's nothing ahead
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    @iiii your haircut reminds me of an onigiri 🍙
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    @milk tbh, it's just a random avatar
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    @iiii it fits your character tho lol 👌🏼
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