Does anybody else drink strong coffee in order to actually get RID of a headache? It works for me....but now I've got to continually drink coffee every few hours for the rest of my life.

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    If the headache is too frequent, better get it checked?
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    Coffee don't work on me , but matcha 🍵 works on me.
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    Caffeine is a stimulant and can act as a kind of cardiovascular inhibitor(meaning your blood vessels in your brain will reduce in size to pump more blood to areas faster.

    This is why a high intake of caffeine causes high blood pressure and prolonged heavy use can eventually lead to permanent damage.

    I would slowly ween yourself off so much coffee and see how your headaches do then.

    Also be sure to compensate with an extra hour or so of sleep.
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    Even though I drink a reasonable amount, I have withdrawal symptoms (a headache) if I don't get my daily dose of coffee. The quality doesn't matter for me.
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    Yup. Need my fix
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    That's a habit..

    Slowly reduce your coffee intake over many weeks/months to wean yourself off.

    Meanwhile, eating ginger can help.

    But not too much, or you get the runs !
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    Yup, sign of addiction.

    Most people will start getting headaches when going cold turkey from 4+ cups per day. Threshold amount and time to withdrawal vary per person of course.

    I also can't fall sleep without coffee, like a double espresso right before bedtime. Without coffee I'm wide awake, feeling twitchy and restless. With coffee I'm alert but calm enough to fall asleep.

    Probably not healthy but I already phased down from a quarter gram of methamphetamine -> 100-200mg dextroamphetamine-> 10+ red bull -> 5-6 coffee per day.

    So I'm probably gonna die sleeping in my reclining chair at 55 years old with a mug full of espresso in my lap.
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    @electrineer I occassionally have a few months off coffee. Usually 4 days in to the "detox" I feel awful, with a banging headache. After that I feel fine.
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    @Nanos I love a bit of ginger. Ginger, lemon, honey with hot water - nice.
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    I'm exaggerating a little for effect. I don't always get headaches, and I don't always drink coffee. But I find if I have a headache for whatever reason, coffee seems to numb it, when sleeping doesn't always do the trick.
    I think it's like the chocolate effect. It releases endorphins making me feel happier which usually brings down tension in my body.
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    @ojt-rant drinking anything warm might have that effect
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