Can I say Ubuntu installation has really gone messy lately(at least the last time when I installed back in 2009). Especially the part of disk partition and selection. You get only three options - Install alongside Windows(without additional customisation), Install on the whole disk, and then Custom.

Most times these days people will select Custom and configure the partitions. And then the crucial part is selection of Boot Loader. But it's not given much focus which is empirical because otherwise even if your installation is successful, without the correct Bootloader config, you will continue to boot into Windows and then debugging and fixing gets really tricky. Especially for somebody who wants to try it out.

And then you will be cursing yourself to have bought a laptop with Nvidia graphics card because the drivers are proprietary and sometimes they have you stuck in Blank Screens prior to login. Ubuntu is not at fault here, but then it makes the life of people trying out things so much more difficult that will force people to just give it up.

I had moved to CentOS(because of Gnome) back in 2015 after really squeezing everything out of Ubuntu 9.04 on my Intel Core 2 Quad. And today, I installed Ubuntu 20.04 after almost 11+ years and it was really not a good experience.

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    It's kinda lame that official website can't provide a thorought guide and in 2021 you still have to jump between the forums and mix the solutions, like in old times. Unless then you could not find solutions easily. But today it's a total mess because of oversaturated information.
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    @vintprox Exactly. It feels like it's just another linux distribution.
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    Ubuntu is becoming the Windows of Linux.

    Change my mind.
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    Yeah, don't use Ubuntu. It's really just a base for good distros. Like PopOS or Mint.
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    It's really sad that it's gotten to this point, in the past Ubuntu use to be more user focused and seemed like to genuinely want new users. Since of late that's not the case in some respects. I feel they're more focused on their server side offerings.
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    The first time I decided to install Linux (Ubuntu) I chose the dual boot alongside windows option. I didn't want to get technical and just keep things simple.
    Then I spent the next week recovering 1Tb of data. Fun times
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