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Not necessarily dev related but I need to get this off my chest.

So a bit of a backstory. I had to stay late from school the other day and ended up having to take an Uber home. The ride was fine lady was nice. Everything seems to be going well and there were no signs of any payment failure.

Then yesterday, I had to stay late again. I never said that I had an outstanding balance on my account. Apparently Uber was having problems charging my Android pay account.
So I ended up being stuck at school for like 3 hours. Great!😑

So I emailed Uber when I got home. And this is when I started pulling my hair out. I don't know how many replies I had, but each time I had to tell them that I was not using a prepaid card.

This was one of my replies:
"I'm sorry, are you real? If you are, here is a quick summary of the issue. I am using ANDROID PAY with my CHASE DEBIT CARD. Not, NOT, NOT a prepaid card. I happen to know that CHASE DEBIT CARD(which is the card I use, in case you have already forgotten) works with uber because MY FATHER USES THE EXACT SAME TYPE OF CARD with uber. He uses a CHASE DEBIT CARD(again I use that same type of card as well). So by using LOGIC I am able to deduce that a CHASE DEBIT CARD is in fact compatible. AGAIN THIS IS NOT A PREPAID CARD!!! If the card is incompatible, WHY DOES THE APP ALLOW BE TO ADD IT?!?! Also in response to your last email... Because I am using Android pay, do you really think that an ANDROID would be able to use APPLE pay? Also Google wallet is DISCONTINUED! Finally, PayPal DOES NOT CONNECT TO UBER. Returns a "Server Error." So please stop wasting my time with generic help solutions. Believe me, I have already googled my issue, and nothing comes up. That is why I contacted Uber. I want my driver to be paid, and, uber had made it SO painful with unhelpful "Solutions" to problems that don't even APPLY TO MY ISSUE. No not even mention PREPAID cards in your reply or I will consider you a robot built by monkeys banging their heads on a keyboard. Uber HAS my VALID payment information, USE IT! If there is a phone number I can call, please, enlighten me"

And the response was:
"Thanks for reaching out with this.

Happy to help with this issue you are having.

After reviewing your I can see that the only payment method associated with your account is an ANDROID PAY card and it is also a prepaid card. Some cards and methods are not compatible with our billing processes and can't be used with Uber. This includes prepaid cards."

So I concluded that they are monkeys.

Then Uber banned me from logging into my account because I didn't pay.
So now it is impossible for me to pay because I can't do anything with my account.

Now they want my SSN and a bunch of other shit that I won't give them.

I told them that they were being illogical, and I got the exact same response about the prepaid bullshit.

So I sent them this photo as a goodbye.

I get my driver's licence next weekend, so I won't need Uber anymore. YAY!

Also mind grammatical errors, I talked it in and am to lazy to proofread

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    Next send them a picture of you catching a Lyft xD
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    Have you tried turning it off and on again?
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    Some cards/services identify themselves as a prepaid card but immediately re-charge the amount to your real card before passing it on.
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    Uber. One of my cards refuses to be added. One disappears randomly. The only that works is from the bank I don't use much.
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    PayPal + uber works fine for me, I'm sorry you had a bad experience with them, no complains from me :/
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    Well, at least give a few bucks to the nice lady which is still not paid ;) normally, physical cash so she will not be mad :)
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    Yeah I tried that but I keep getting a server error 🙄
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    I tried adding a Credit Card to the UBER app and the card was protected with 2 way security of One time password (OTP)SMS has to be entered in the flow of adding that card to UBER app. App never showed a place to enter the OTP field or way to read that OTP SMS sent to me. And the uber account was blocked and didn't allow me to sign in again. I held myself guilty for a long time, after reading your story I appreciate that image you included but with hand gesture set as border: repeat.
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    Fuck Uber...monkeys and serial killers picking people up...
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    As if we needed more reasons to switch to Lyft
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    Ik @uniquesmash I would do that in a heart beat if it was available in Houston.

    They pulled out a few years ago when Houston passed some law that made Lyft get their panties in a wad(sorry).
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    Uber Support is the worst in the world. I drive for uber, and whenever I have an issue, I have to send million replies about it because the never read the previous response and it's always a new agent replying the reply instead of assigning the issue to one agent. Stupid people and stupid system.

    However, don't worry about your driver's payment, they will get paid even if your payment didn't go through.
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    The same kind of support does Freelancer dot com have. Not related, but support is shit.
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    These are the best morons. The better ones do customer service side.

    The worst are on driver's side service. And when I say worse, trust me it's worrrrrsssttt.. a puppy on a keyboard would be more helpful than these idiots.
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