A small bug is found.

Chad dev:
😎 *Exists*
> Writes a simple ad hoc solution in a few lines
> Self documenting code with constant run time
> No external dependencies needed
> Fixes the bug, easy to test and does not introduce any new issues

That guy nobody likes (AKA. regex simp coder):
🤡 'This can be "simplified" into oNE LiNe'
> Writes a long regex expression that has to line wrap the editor window several times
> Writes an essay in the comments to explain it's apparent brilliance to the peasant reader
> Exponential run time (bwahahah), excessive memory requirements
> Needs to import additional frameworks, requires more testing that will delay release schedule
> Also fixes bug but the software now needs 2x ram to run and is 3x slower
> Really puts the "simp" in simplified, but not the way you would expect

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    Using Incel terms for software is just so....ugh.
    And self-documenting code is mostly a lie developers tell themselves, so if that dev was really a "Chad" he would document properly.
    No girl throws herself at devs that don't document properly.
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    @NickyBones *starts documenting well*

    Where are the hot girls in my area now? 🤔
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    @NickyBones no girl throws herself at a programmer by default
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    @iiii A lot of them actually do
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    @iiii In Israel, they do. It's a very high-status, high-pay job. This will not necessarily attract the right kind of girls, but it will attract some.
    Also, as a girl dev, it would be nice to date someone from the STEM field so we could rant together :)
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    @dotnethostage C/C++ can be a bit intimidating, but if you want a very nice intro to graphics checkout this website
    I learned most of what I know from this guy, and his tutorials are well-structured and fun to follow.
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    If you solve a problem with regexp, you have two problems.
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    @HitWRight if only gold diggers in second and third world countries where IT folk get decent paychecks from murican daddies
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    @NickyBones yup, as I've said: gold diggers.

    Not that I oppose having a sugar partner, but that's somewhat inefficient.
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    @NickyBones ex gf of mine was an app dev. Was a nice relationship. We're still friends today. We still rant together.
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    Joke's on everyone, this post was his example of bad advice
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    Since when do programmers have a sex ?
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    @iiii Well yeah and no. My point is that the profession doesn't have some sort of a negative stigma (that the person is a failure). So if a programmer has to find a partner it depends on the person's character.
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    @iiii I would assume real gold diggers would aim a bit higher than a developer :)
    I was a bit harsh before, it makes sense for a woman who plans on having a family to look for a partner who has stable income. In Israel one income is simply not enough to support a family.
    As @HitWRight said, it's a good job without a lot of negative associations or high risk.
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    @electrineer Actually, only the second part reads like a bad advice, because he actually points out the issues (RAM, dependencies, run-time). He uses a clown emoji and a mocking language in that part.
    The first part reads like he actually thinks this is the "alpha programmer".
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    Guess I'll get Females now
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    @NickyBones there are low tier gold diggers as well 😉
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    @theabbie maybe, but which species
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    @NickyBones I don't think it fits in very well under the weekly rant like that, since the second part describes what someone does, not the advice they give. The intention was probably not to answer to the weekly rant.

    But I choose to interpret the whole post as a piece of content that is bad advice. I find it more fitting even if unintentional. And after all, it's common to answer to a weekly rant with only a direct answer to the question.
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    @theabbie Research shows that calling women "females" is 100% effective in preventing voluntarily sex.
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    @NickyBones it's a meme. Learn to take a joke.

    Not everything has to be 100% safe and politically correct on a website made for devs to rant lmao
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    Do these people who write shorter but more complex code just to show off really exist? Why?
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    @RexGalilae Oh, edgelord to the rescue!
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    @NickyBones so telling someone to take a joke makes me an edgelord? Lmao
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    @RexGalilae Preaching me about PC, safe spaces and whatnot when I obviously went with the joke (even though I thought it was lame) is very desperately edgy, yes.
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    If that's edgy for you, you're very new to the internet xD
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    @RexGalilae Right. So I don't understand jokes, I don't understand the internet. Anything else you would like to explain to me?
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    You're also very cringe and probably insufferable IRL
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    @RexGalilae Do you feel better after lashing out? Are you also that attention seeking IRL?
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    @dotnethostage I didn't start this. I am really not sure what you want from me.
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    @dotnethostage I think on the mobile app you can turn the notifications off...
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    @dotnethostage I mean, I think you can turn off notification for a specific rant :)
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    @dotnethostage Somebody posted it a while ago, should work...
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    @NickyBones not if someone mentions you, like this @dotnethostage (more like @mentionhostage)
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    @electrineer But if I just continue arguing with the edgy dude, without mentioning the person who mutes the rant? Will it still spam?
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    @NickyBones nope, and now I realised who you mentioned at which point. Now it makes more sense. You're free to continue arguing.
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    @NickyBones, wait.... There's girls throwing themselves at devs at all?

    Where? Asking for a friend
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    I never really liked regular expressions
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    @NickyBones I document verbosely
    And type with my tongue . Just the tip
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    @nickybones @RexGalilae Jesus what kind of hipster faggot pussy chomo shit did this devolve into !
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