Product: Hey, this screwdriver feature I never requested isn’t there. Why? Can you fix it? It’s kinda urgent.

Product: @Root please jump on the ticket above … fairly urgent.

Root: It’s Friday, I’m out next week, and I’m working on finishing <urgent comma ticket> right now.

Boss: Work on the screwdriver instead. But make sure you finish the comma ticket too!

Boss: By the way, I volunteered you for eight security reviews next month!

Security: You’re on call for AWS audits next month, too!

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    What prevents you to say no? I hoarded enough FUCK YOU money to build confidence for saying no and survive instant firing.
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    @aviophile Dan Lok, is that you?
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    @aviophile I said no to the screwdriver ticket. Flat out refused. If they want it within a month, someone else can do it. And amusingly: it will probably be my boss since he is the only other person with knowledge of it.
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    @Root one thing I am learning is to say NO.

    As of now, another thing that I learnt is 'I don't know'
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    Why do people abuse “volunteer” like that? If someone “volunteers” you for something, that kind of requires you to have _not_ volunteered, making your participation involuntary and if it’s involuntary you can’t be a volunteer. People should be forced to say what they mean. They CONSCRIPTED you to do security reviews.
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    @rutee07 thankfully, I am neither bat-eater nor from worse-north-America.
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    @AmyShackles Sarcasm. “He gave me a gift of another six jira tickets”

    But yes, conscripted is correct.
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    @Floydimus i don’t know got me in so much “good” trouble at an old job. Every time i said it, it was like i was lighting a fire under the ass of this horrible project manager. I loved it. He couldn’t do shit to me coz i have a mouth as sharp as razor πŸ˜‚ gosh i still hate that man and i must remember to key his car when next i am passing by the old office (i know he works late sooooo…dont judge πŸ˜‡)
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    I am at this new job and she said “if the ticket is too large or too much for you, let me know and we can down-size and distribute. I am so not used to healthy work spaces i said i can do it all and now i am wondering why the hell i did that.
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    @witchDev that was the manager/environmental problem and not with the concept of 'I don't know'
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    @witchDev That's actually a natural effect of the "feeling safe and appreciated" environment. People start to want to "sacrifice" when they feel like that. But it might also just be bad habits ;)

    Hey, no judgement if you want to overextend yourself. Many do now and then and when it actually matters to you and your coworkers, they'll appreciate you for it. As long as it's not a habit or expected from you you're all good!
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