Had a meeting with my boss earlier. Got yelled at for:
a) Working on a high-priority, externally-committed ticket (digit separators) that i was 85% done with on the Friday afternoon before my vacation instead of jumping to a lower-priority screwdriver ticket that just came in. Even though my boss agreed with me that what I did was exactly what I should have done, it's still bad because I was apparently rude to product by not doing as they asked?
b) Taking too long on that digit separator ticket that amounts to following a gigantic mess of convoluted spaghetti and making a few small changes, and making sure it doesn't break the world because it's all so fucking convoluted and fragile as hell. Let's not even mention my 4-10 hours of mandatory useless meetings every week.
c) Missing something that wasn't even listed in that same ticket -- somehow my fault? -- so I very obviously didn't test my work. Even though specs all passed and QA also tested and signed off on it as working and complete. Clearly half-assed and untested. Product keeps promising/planning UATs and then skipping them, and then has the audacity to complain about it.
d) Not recovering fast enough from burnout and daily mental breakdowns. I can still barely get out of bed and you want me to be super productive? Got it. Guess what? I'm being amazingly productive for my mental health. But my boss, Mr. Happy-go-lucky, thinks depression is dropping your icecream cone on your clean kitchen table, and this three-ton pile of spaghetti is "maybe a little messy, I guess."

So I need to somehow "regain the confidence" of both him and product because I'm taking awhile on difficult tickets (surprise), while having these ridiculous breakdowns (surprise), and because I don't fix things that aren't even listed in the fucking tickets (fucking surprise) -- and worse, that the lack of information is somehow entirely. my. fault. (surprise fucking surprise)


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    I've reserved a spot for this type of fuckshits in hell.
    just send them over.
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    You've traded hell, for well umm hell πŸ˜‘
    Fingers crossed the grass is greener on your next pasture. 🀞
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    Nothing’s their fault! Their spaghetti in vomit sauce code, not including something on the ticket, lying about it being ok to not work on that screwdriver, wasting time on meetings, and degrading your mental health further. All of this is your fault, they’re the perfect ponies
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    Quittin' time
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    fuck em!

    there are to much annoying people to even bother but there is only one root so don't let em drag you down!
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    You know, I can introduce you to my good friend alcohol. It's an expert fit this kind of situations. 🀣
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    @galileopy 🍹πŸ₯ƒ
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    @Root Jameson? nice!
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    @Root a bit different from my desk clutter :|
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    @jfgilmore Jealous? πŸ˜‰
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    @Root of course.
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    I feel like drinking today anyway. Wish I could come over to bring some food and more booze.
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    @rutee07 I would like that.
    It’s been a long time since I had a friend visit.
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    Do you actually get yelled at while at work? That's one thing I'd just get up and walk out if it happened, nobody gets paid enough to put up with disrespect
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    @rootofskynet The Jameson is nice; same with Tito’s and Deep Eddy’s; most of the rest of my bottles are crap. There isn’t a lot of selection here, and I’m trying to experiment to find something else decent, so I end up with a lot of meh and ugh.

    I intentionally hid the green/amber bottle in the back because it’s so bad I don’t want anyone to know I bought it πŸ˜… (It’s some absolutely terrible apple cinnamon whiskey)

    The RumChata is also disgusting. There are delicious brands (like Caruva, I think?), but this is totally not one of them. Do not buy it. It’s gross.
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    I just noticed that I did not challenge the fact that you were yelled at.
    That's effed up. There's no reason to mistreat or yell at another human being for doing her job.... I mean really? No amount of anger will change anything that's already happen. Why exactly where you yelled at for? Because it was not for doing your job, it was because the person yelling is lacking the emotional skills to deal with the situation at hand.
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    Honestly, personally I wouldn't take yelling no matter what.

    In the last company where I worked, still a newbie, I was taunted by the boss a couple of times for going on a bike trip over the weekend instead of pursuing a course that he wanted me to get certification of, which I wasn't finding very exciting (Kubernetes Administration, and I like only dev)... Boy the shit did escalate.

    Eventually, that prompted me to start preparing to leave the company, which I'd anyway would have done 1 year later. Well, in 6 months I did land a job with thrice the pace, with stock options as well.

    Bottomline, a good boss should know how to behave with his employees even when the chips are down.
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    Just burn the place down.
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