Client: "This feature doesn't work! I thought you said it was done?!"
Me: "Please press CTRL+F5 and try again..."
Client: "Okay, great, works now."

A conversation I seem to have on a very regular basis.

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    Javascript 🤔😆
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    I actually created an email template for pushing front-end changes that I send to clients that contains instructions for clearing browser caches on different OSs. It super helps.
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    If you do it moce than once in a month, automatize it... Write your own responding voice xD
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    Try cache-busting techniques.
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    Have you tried to turn off and turn on?)
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    I was just implementing a new single page module for our app at work and for file includes (both JS and CSS) I decided to add a ?v=hashedVersion to them where hashed version is tge hash (trimmed) of the assembly version and, just in case, the build date (the build date makes the version redundant, but I felt dirty not using the version :))
    So every time a build happens, those files will be forced to update on clients browsers.
    I still have dev problems, though...
    First is that I usually don't need a rebuild for changes on those files (I am OK with this as I always have dev tools open with the no cache option).
    The second is that it looks like IIS decides to cache the files if you request them too much or something because even going to an "unused" browser gets the stale file and iisreset helps...
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    Leave the conversation behind, automate it.
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    me with PM, everytime
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    Just add a timestamp to the resource you are calling and you're just fine. ?t=1538479596
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