Running a small company. All of us work from home. I am a designer and coder in one person, but now mostly taking care of cash flow, work done etc., while I have my dear girlfriend as only designer and an old friend as only front/backend developer. We are doing mainly small presentation websites on drupal, and a lot of webdesign.

Now I want to ask more experienced devs here. As the "main guy" I am responsible for everything running smooth with clients, money flow etc. But I am constantly running in a serious problem with my developer.
He most of the time gets the job done. But it is as fucked as possible. It looks good at the first view, but when you check the code... Oh god. Not only once he wrote me he did the job and when I checked it, it was like 50 percent done and rest was let untouched. He is using the oldest approaches in css as possible. Most of the time setting fixed widths even when I told him not to do so. Thing is, he knows how to do it properly, but he rather set the fixed width for all the devices than write something more scalable (imagine fixed width buttons, now imagine a website with 5 translations and now imagine how it behaves on mobile phones).

I want to be in a state where my dev writes me he did the job and I can INSTANTLY pass the changes to client with a trust of good done work. Without checking constantly all the work after him. Or it is normal and it works like that everywhere?

As to mention, I think he is pretty good paid and this is not money problem. It even does not look like he is demotivated or anything. When I speak to him it looks more like he is lazy to learn new things and lazy to do a good work. What would you suggest? Thanks

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    how do you communicate with each other? It seems to me it's mainly a communication problem. Do you use https://slack.com/ ?
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    As I programmer I understand perhaps why your guy does what he does. It's his template for producing work in a consistent way - either consistently good, or consistently average.

    Expose him to the drawbacks of doing things in rigid way. Pretty soon you'll see width=100% everywhere.

    In a nutshell, don't shield him from the client. Having to rewrite your own code is the first step to progress.
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    Kick him...hire me
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    @heyheni as I am living with my girlfriend, it is easy to check all the work and tell instantly what to change. But she was pretty reliable in a means of work even before we started to live together. We use to communicate with dev mainly on facebook. I know it is not professional but consider that he is an old friend, and from time to time we go out for a beer or food. Sometimes I am thinking as if it is not a lack of respect of work for me and pushed boundaries since we know each other for years.

    @kunashe Thing is, he knows he is doing it wrong way. He does not see the drawbacks of bad work. He would rather write 5 times the same code than a loop, even when he knows, that if an item will be added to query, the whole thing will break. He seem to consider it less time consuming and the effect is the same.
    It is hard to not to shield him. Client wants to see the thing working. If I write him an email, that something is done, it is my fault if it isn't since I am responsible.
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