!rant I need job advice. Please reason with me.

I am 26, got 2 years of experience in c# and unity3d.
I did some research and it turns out that the minimal paying average with my job/experience over the whole country is at least 300€ a month more than what i get payed currently.
I made a list of pros and cons, and am just not sure what would be smartest to do in the long run. Here is a list for both options, please chime in on me if you can!

Points for current job:
Permanent contract (hard to fire me etc.)
Get to make mostly mobile games but nothing really big
Fun small team whom i get along with (i am on the spectrum and can be hard to deal with social or costumer related things)
Rarely any overtime (i like to know my hours)
Easy but slow jobs (badly organized, drag on forever)
Rarely challenged and thus boring me
I get to shoot nerf guns at colleagues whenever
Low chance of a 300€/m pay increase (not worth it to boss, financials aren't that great but the company is promising)

Points for any other job:
Unknown working condittions
I am probably bad and uknowledgeable about any tool they give me to work with because my experience is so monotone
Start on short term contract again all over
At the least a 300€ net increase a month
Prob closer to home then 1h drive away
I get to learn new things but give up on games/apps as i know them
Probably get knowledgeable seniors
Probably end up in a bigger more serious company where i am just a number
I am bad in new social envirnoments, oh the angst is real

And a few things besides it are that i personally only have as goal to own my own house with my fiance as soon as i can. And this means i will need to take out a 200k loan or something along those lines, to be paid off over 30 years max.
This means that the permanent contract is very valuable in my eyes, but so is monthly pay increase.
I want to have fun in my job, i want to learn new things and better ways. But i also want to be able to say "enough" to something if it overwhelms me. I just know some things are not for me and i would mess up if i were made to do them. I fear that to not be an option in a big company. I would be forced out of my comfort zone without any regard for me or my learning curve.

Any advice is welcome. Please keep it general if you can so others can learn from this as well. Seniors advice will probably be helpfull to all starting programmers!

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    Apply and take a look around :) if you don't like the look of the place, you just turn it down
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    You have a job. Don't quit it.

    Having a job, however, does not stop you applying for another job. Look around. You don't have to leave.
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    I get it. It is probably your first job so the thought of leaving and the uncertainty is frightening... But look at it this way: if you're fear is not being good at your new job, not to perform as well, at least you have a chance of learning new stuff. You will get better at your job and you can only do this by leaving your comfort zone.

    You don't have to leave to look what other opportunities are out there. Just look around and talk to people. There are enough platforms for you to search for another job. Also, just talk to your boss about your wage. Maybe there will be an increase, maybe not. But without asking you won't get it at all.

    Good luck mate
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    I recommend moving on don't quit your job and just see if there's something better you should do this anyway
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    I suppose the idea is kind of frightening as a starter. And i really have no idea how to properly look for a job while i still have one. Since i wouldn't even know how to plan it around my current one. I don't mind learning more stuff to get better at a new job, but to me it would feel like starting as a nooby all over again, just when i am half decent at my current job.

    I should probably start reading up on moving on from a first job in the firstplace.

    The first mistake would be that i assumed (looking around == leaving)
    Thanks for everyones feedback.
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    I dislike this model of work. Question is: do you have any value on the market? If you are competitive and eager to learn then you dont need permanent job... As I experience current job market there is so much offers that staying for less only beacuse its "safe" to have it is just waste of life... If you dont believe yourself then stay and work another years for less.
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    "And i really have no idea how to properly look for a job while i still have one."

    Already having a job is one of the prerequisites for finding a decent job.
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    As others have suggested, apply for new jobs when you see something that you like. That also lets you see what they are looking for and catch up with that knowledge. You already have a job so you can do this at your own pace.
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    @Grumpy @Zheroth
    I get this, but how do you go about this? I work full time..
    "Hey boss, i am off today checking out a few new jobs, smell ya later!" ?
    Which youd have to do a few times to even have a chance of finding a proper locations that matches you.

    It just all feels really scetchy to do considering i want to keep my current job if i find nothing. Am i just imaging that?
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    I'm guessing you have holiday. End of my last holiday year I had about 2 weeks left to take, took every Friday off for a couple of months. If you are anything like me you'll have some spare. I mean you may want to be a bit fuzzy as to the specifics of why you're taking holiday, say you're going to visit friends, birthday or something.
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