I struggled with weather to post this but I feel like I have to. I didnt want to feed into the fear or give 'them' any more reason to argue against common sense but I guess it cant be helped.

The reason I was gone for a while was because I went and got my vaccination.

In less than half hour after getting the vaccine, I was in the ICU. The staff told me I had a stroke possibly from clotting and inflamation. I couldnt feel my arm or anything below my shoulders. Yes really.

Apparently I "died" for a little while and when they brought me back I was in a coma for almost a week.

I'm back home now and I still dont fully understand what happened. Still have numbness, and horrible headaches, and can barely think straight sometimes, but the doctors told me that I didnt suffer any permanent brain damage according to my scans.

Also they told me I had old damage to my left and right temporal lobe, which makes sense because I have always suffered problems with short term memory and other issues.

And I'm just at a loss how this could happen. I have no serious injuries. We were told this is safe.

And this is the exact reason I didnt want to post it, because now tards will come in and be "lololol serves you right vaxxer!"

If I knew the side effects were this bad maybe I would have changed my mind but no one told me! I mean I think I still would have got it because we have to protect vulnerable people, but still.

The hospital assured me it wasnt the vaccine and must have been an underlaying condition, but I'm not so sure. I just happen to have a pre-existing problem that I dont know about that causes a stroke and paralysis only half an hour after the shot?

And now I dont know if I'll ever be ok. And doctors warned me I may suffer more strokes and to avoid physically demanding tasks for a while. My primary job is construction (not by chooce). Now I face the prospect of not even being able to work my existing job or do the things I love, like hiking, anymore. So much of the world doesnt make any sense right now and I just dont know what to believe anymore.

Tards will probably be in shortly to suggest I check for microchips or test fucking magnets on myself.

No, just stop.

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    Oh no! I’m so sorry you’re going through this! Get better soon
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    @TeachMeCode thank you. And despite what happened, I still encourage everyone I know to get vaccinated because while I had a bad reaction, that's only like one in a million, and for the vast majority of people the vaccines are effective and safe.

    If you have any doubts I do recommend you get tested for allergies and underlaying condiyions first though. Obviously not an expert or doctor so strictly speaking this isnt medical advice, just my own two cents.
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    @Wisecrack yes hopefully it will be possible to screen people for bad reactions to the vaccine. Still, these reactions are rare
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    That means it's working.
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    The reason why the vaccines are considered safe is that they're considered statistically safer than not taking the vaccine. However, no one would recommend taking the vaccine if the virus was no threat. They count that if it weren't for the vaccine, more people would be in a situation similar to yours.

    The message has probably been simplified to make more people take the vaccine. But it has been openly reported from the beginning of the vaccinations that there are confirmed serious side effects for the different types of vaccines.

    I wish you a swift recovery.
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    @monzrmango not sure if sarcasm or stupidity, but it's not working correctly if immediate actions are required to keep the person alive
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    There is no efficient medicine without equivalently dangerous side effects.

    That said I’m incredibly sorry for what you had to go through!
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    Sorry this happened

    It was said for a long time, there's some chance for blood clots. Last time I checked the chance was lower than 0.0003% so about 3 in 10000

    After you get a dose you are told to wait for at least 15 minutes to capture any fast-onset complications, but they can come a bit later.

    This sucks, but Im glad you didn't suffer any permanent damage friend. Hopefully the pain and other side effects disappear soon. Hold tight
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    at the clinic where I got the vaccine they made everyone sit around the waiting room for a while in case they got some serious reaction. Very uncommon, but it does happen.
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