The easiest way to get into software development: Learn from someone with more experience.

The easiest way to master software development: teach those with less experience than you.

Knowledge sharing is the basis of our industry. I can't ask people to share enough

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    I would get into Software Development but I don't know anybody who can handle this and speak german. Haha
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    @SupZee What if I could hook you up with someone who is about to start a college program and wants to learn a programming language?

    Would you then give it 100%? I don't mean an evening a week but full, multiple hours a night, dedication.
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    @SupZee @jakobev You two should talk!
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    @ChappIO my school would be Butt fuck me. Because I would sleep in the lessons xD
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    @SupZee hay buddy I'm German
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    @ChappIO haha that is to sweet dude!!! But
    , it should be hours a day
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    Yeah that is why I started working as a teacher last week. Makes you look into basic stuff in depth which I would have never thought before
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