Did anyone else grow up using shitty laptops and cheap hard disks with just not enough space and now that they are adulting and have access to money, have this random, uncontrollable urge to keep buying more SSD's even though they already have more than they'll ever need or is it just me?

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    The broke part: Many people
    The SSD whore part: Just you
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    I kind of know the pain. I only got my own (well, for me and for my brother) PC in 8th grade and it had a 40 GB HDD at the beginning.

    I'm currently contemplating replacing a 5 TB HDD with a 4 TB SSD in my desktop PC.
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    No. I have no urge to spend unnecessarily
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    250gb isnt quite enough for windows, even with every setup to make use of the 1TB driveπŸ˜‘

    But no, after my NAS shit its self a couple of years back, I haven't had much of a reason for several TB's of storage anymore. Embrace the digital life of streaming things πŸ€—

    Although with the rate of games getting larger in size it won't be long and we'll need 1TB of space somewhere per game.
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    250 gb SSD for my ubuntu is more than enough.
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    Set up a NAS and find out that you don't actually need as much storage as you think you do :p

    I kinda maxed out at ~2TB of SSD storage on my desktop, literally not able to use more than that.
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    @C0D4 250G not enough for windows? I hope nobody tells that to my Win10 as I guess it does not know it should be taking more space.
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    @qwwerty he's not entirely wrong. If you're using only one 250GB drive for everything, it will not be enough. But if it's only for OS and software, but large media is going elsewhere, then it's more than enough.
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    @iiii he said "enough for windows", not "for all of your data" therefore i can not agree with it
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    I do like the peace of mind knowing I won't practically run out of space if I get this 4tb ssd. So no, not alone.
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    Hahaha laptops. No they weren't a thing. Hard disk size expressed in megabytes, ram extended through ISA cards.

    Not much resource issues though. Software was more optimal and very limited. Crashes much more severe. We still had patience too.
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