Hitting that publish button on your first app. And getting the first 5⭐ rating. Bliss 😊😊😊

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    Found out it was ur friend
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    This is not a rant -5 kudos
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    i hope you app gets very wide used, and is bug free
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    As super kami guru once said: it's all downhill from here.
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    Careful. No one reads the damned description. Wrote an app to control a robot and people keep trying to connect it to the PS4
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    @demortes app reviews are so broken for this. It's like, hey i dowloaded your game, but i can't watch any porn with it. 1 star!

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    @Bacontaskmaster Maybe it was a game that rewards you with porn as you make progress
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    @STRINIX it probably would not have been on the appstore in that case. And it probably would have said so on the tin.

    It feels like there are a ton of people who go to the appstore and do the following:
    -search their demand: "i want to download free movies"
    -click first result "epic movie file converter 2.0 now with avi support!"
    -open the app, find out it does in no way let you download movies
    -write bad review about not being able to get his porn.

    It makes sense, but to us it seems like pure madness (it really is)
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    I got one too... from my mom... I was testing on her phone. I was suprised though when it hit 500 downloads... after a year.
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    And when u see a stranger using ur app! 😇😇
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